In 2005, after many years working as a professional musician and after a life changing experience working on a documentary film in Bolivia, I began exploring the world of radio as a medium for education.

From 2005 until 2008 I served as producer and host of World Tour, a weekly hour-long public radio show committed to presenting music from all cultures.  In addition to airing statewide on Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB), excerpts of the shows “Mining and Music” and “The Sound of Protest at the School of the Americas” have run on the BBC.  In 2006, I was awarded a “Gabby” for best documentary from the Georgia Association of Broadcasters for the hour-long historical/experimental documentary “Peace, War, and Indifference.”

In 2007 I helped to translate field interviews with New Orleans migrant workers for the series NPR Making Contact series “Immigrants, Labor Rights, and the Human Cost of Rebuilding an American City.”

I have also produced stories for San Francisco NPR affiliate KALW’s “Artery” and a “labor of love” piece for the World Vision Report about the Bolivian instrument, the charango.

I am available for assignment, recording interviews, double-enders, & mixing.

Equipment -- Fostex FR2LE wav/mp3 recorder, Millenia STT-1 preamp, AKG c451, AT897 shotgon mic with softie.


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“The Charango”
World Vision Report
Oct 25, 2008

“Super Heroes, Super Villains”
KALW San Francisco
Oct 11, 2007

“Panhandle Bandshell”
KALW San Francisco
Aug 30, 2007

“SOA Postcard”
Excerpted from “Sounds of Protest” as aired on Georgia Public Broadcasting in Nov 2006.

Radio Production

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